Criminology - Domestic Violence

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What is domestic violence?

Intimate partner violence refers to any behvaiour withing an intimate relationship between adults, aged 18 and over, that causes physical, psychological or sexual harm to those in the relationship (regardless of gender and sexuality). Repeat victimisation features heavily in DV.

BCS data June 2016

  • 12% of all reported offences were dometic abuse related
  • 32% of all violance against the person offesnces were DV
  • 12% of sexual offenses are DV cases
  • 6.1% of all adults ages 16-59 have been victims of domestic abuse within the previous 12 months
  • Demogrephic group most vulnerable to DV are yound women
  • 12% of women ages 16-19 were victim to DV in previous 12 months

International data (WHO, 2013)

  • In 48 population-based surveys from around the world, between 10% and 69% of women reported being physically assulted by an intimate male partner at somepoint in their lives
  • Physical violence is oftern accompanied by psychological abuse, and in one-third to ober one-half of cases by sexual abuse.

Patterns of DV

  • Severe, esculating violance characterised by multiple forms od abuse, terrorisation and threats, and increasingly possessive and controlling behaviour on the part of the abuser
  • Less extreme and persistent violence, were continuing fustration and anger occasionally erupt into physical aggression.


  • The most under reported crime
  • Estimated that almsot half od incidences are not reported
  • Stigma, privacy (49%)
  • Fear of reprisal (12%)


  • Most DV interventions focus on those already identifies as abused or abusing
  • This is secondary prevention ie protection orders, shelters, counselling services, specialised police units and courts and arrest law
  • Overall lacking in elvaluation
  • Treatment programs - rarely compulsory, very high drop out rates, limmited evidence of effeictiveness


  • Difficult to establish if under reported, varied
  • Several…


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