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AIM: To explore arguments for the nature vs nurture debate, specifically are criminals born or made, from the article 'Do your gened make you a criminal?' - The Independent, Feburary 1995

RATIONAL: The study was carried out in order to provide more evidence for the nature/nurture debate in order to provide a sided decision. If a decisionw as met in real life, the cause of crime can be identifies and the conclusion could determine the resoures and precautions made for criminals


- sample was the article from the Guardian (1995)

- The study began with a piolet, where the article was read through to understand the types of information it contained. 

- after this understanding was developed, coding units were set in response to subjects of the article: for nature; chromosomes, inheritance, chemical imbalance, twin/adoption studies. For nurture: environmental factors, influcnces and lifestyles

- the article was then re-read carefully, making a tally for every occurance f an argument that fits into one of the coding units. ASfter this was completed, a total was calculates and then a general average was calculated by collecting several people's data

CONCLUSION: The study showed that nature i the cause of criminal behaviour, it provided more evidence for thr nature side rather than the nurture side of the argument. 

Biological approach


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