Crime Control, Prevention and Punishment

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New Labour and Crime

  • New Labour was elected in 1997, one of it's slogans was "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"
  • New Labour politicians argue that since 1997, possible causes of crime such as povert, unemployment and poor housing have all been reduced, as has the overall crime rate
  • Politicians from other parties disagree

Poilicies put into place under New Labour......


  • Antisocial behaviour oders
  • Behaviour is considered antisocial if it is likely to cause, or causes, harassment, alarm or distress
  • ASBOs are civil orders

Criticisms of ASBOs

  • It has been argued that they do not tackle the root causes of crime and are used to target the weakest and most vulnerable in society
  • It has also been argued that they are ineefective as they are often breached
  • Some teenagers see ASBOs as badges of honour that prove just how deivant they are
  • There are few restrictions on what a court…


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