crime and deviance/ethnicity and crime detailed notes simplified

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Labeling, stereotypes and racism in the Criminal justice system

Many sociologists have argued that the criminal statistic in general, and on ethnicity in general are socially constructed.

·         They are not valid/true record of ethnicity in particular but are created as a result of discrimination towards Blacks/Asians by the police/criminal justice agencies. This creates a misleading impression that blacks/Asians are more likely to offend compared to Whites.

Also, it makes us question how police goes about their work and what they look out for “potential criminals”.

·         Is this guided by their ideas over who the “trouble makers” or the criminals are, like the stereotype police officers give to young black/Asian men these stereotypes which is the reason why they are heavier policing and more likely to be stopped/searched than white people.

·         Racism and racist stereotypes in the police culture might account


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