Crime and Deviance - The New Criminology

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This is a contemporary Marxist approach to crime and deviance that was developed by Taylor. It says that criminologists need to look in detail at every aspect of crime, icluding the reasons behind each criminal act, the role played by the courts, police and mass media, and finally at politics and capitalism itself.

Hall - Policing the Crisis

A study examining the moral panic that developed over the crime of mugging in the 1970s

Despite sensationalist newspaper reports that claimed there was an icrease in mugging, particularly by young Afro-carribbean men, Halls research showed that it was actually growing more slowly than in the past decade

  • Hall argued that moral panic developed because capitalism was in crisis; there was an economic crisis linked to unemployment and stikes, and a hegemonic crisis, which means a crisis over authority.
  • The British public was losing faith in the government and…


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