Crime And Deviance Suicide

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Main Points: (Red = Positivist, Blue = Interpretivist)

  • Durkheims study of suicide - His hypotesis, method and findings. 
  • Supporting evidence for Durkheim: MIND statistics, Japan.
  • Critisms: Atkinson and the role of the coroner, Douglas and the different types of suicide.


Hypotesis: tried to show how something so personal as suicide can be shown using social laws. If something so personal can be studied this way surely everything can.
Method: Durkheim used the comparitive method: comparing official stats and social laws.
Findings: Suicide varied across different social and relgious groups and across different countries.
HIs findings are based on the concepts of social integration and regulation:
Alturistic Suicide: Too much integration
Fatalistic Suicide


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