Crime, Deviance, Social Control and Social Order



- Crime and deviance are both socially constructed- they are dependent upon society's reaction to specific behaviours.

- Sociological theories often approach the study of crime and deviance by examining how crime and devianceby examining how crime and deviance occurs.

- Also concerned with impacts on the order of society and how society can control criminal behaviour.

Functionalist Views of Order and Control

- Social control is maintained through socialisation into the value consensus and the collective conscience.

- Durkheim examines the impact of crime and deviance on social order, suggesting crime performs both positive and negative functions.

- Merton examines the role of social structures on individuals, whilst Hirschi examines informal social controls of being integrated into society.

Subcultural Views of Order and Control

- Mostly under the banner of functionalism, subcultural theories suggest that some groups react negatively to the norms and values of society.

- Structural disadvantages lead predominantly young males to reject the value…


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