Crime and Punishment- Vagabonds

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Vagabonds were beggars who roamed the country without a job, some of them were looking for one, however many were just people looking for easy money.

Why did people disapprove of Vagabonds?


People did not approve of vagabonds as they believed they were just too lazy to do any work.

Many people also got annoyed they were often being cheated out of money, and that there were too many of them. At the time there was around 10,000 vagabonds in the country.


Types of Vagabonds


There were lots of types of vagabonds in the 1500s and these included;


The Counterfeit Crank

The counterfeit crank dressed up in old rags, and pretended to have epilepsy. To do this he would **** on soap so his mouth foamed up when someone walked by.

The Angler

The angler spent the day carrying a long pole around begging, keeping an eye out for things to steal. At night he would put a hook




I am currently studying crime and punishment and struggling with revision so thanks for this resource.(P.s could you make a resource about chnge and continuity over the different periods.

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