Crime and Deviance - Marxism

  • See power being held by the bourgeoise and laws are a relfection of bourgeoise ideology 
  • The legal system all serves the interests of the bourgeoise
  • Capitalism is crimogenic

Castles and Kosack

  • Eploitation of the working class helps capitalism to legitamise poor pay and working conditions dividr and rule - Scapegoat

David Gordon 

  • We live in a dog-eat-dog society

William Chambliss 

  • At the heart of the capitalist system lies the protection of private property

Laureen Snider 

  • The capitalist state doesn't want to pass laws that may affect businesses and their profits 
  • The ruling classes have the power to stop laws that are not in their own interests 
  • We have an unequal access to the law 


  • Analyses how aspects of the criminal justice system functions to socially control those at the bottom end of society 


  • 'dog-eat-dog' explains both working class and white-collar elite crime 
  • Lots of supporting…


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