Crime and Deviance - Gender and crime

  • Crime, deviance and delinquency is usually seen as a male thing (working class) - disappears when they settle down 
  • There has been a growth in behaviour which challendes the links between mascuilinity and deviance 


  • Female crime is basically invisible this is due to

1. Male dominance of offenders 

2. Male dominance of sociology 

3. Sociological theorising 

4. Vicarious identification ( what interests male sociologists is exciting)


  • Women's liberation will increase women's participation in criminal activity: evidence is based on the growth of juvinile crimes by girls 


  • Criticises Adler on the grounds that she sees juvinile delinquency as reflective of future adult crime 

Biological theory 

  • 'Normal' females have disposition that repels them from deviant and criminal behaviour 
  • There is a link between female crime and hormonal changes, and menstrual factors 

Sex-role theory 

  • Children are socialised to know that the two sexes are diferent 
  • Female role - caring, passivity, domesticity 
  • Male role - toughness, aggressiveness and sexual conquest 
  • Females lack values associated with delinquency 

Social control

  • Heidensohn…


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