Crime and Deviance - Functionalism


Crime and Deviance - Funtionalism

  • Not everyone buys into a collective sentiment of society
  • They believe crime is inevitable


  • Deviance and crime are normal phenomenons in society 
  • 'Integral part of functional society' - everyone is exposed to different influences, so not all will be committed to the shared norms and values of society 

5 Positive functions

1. Marks boundaries 

2. Publicitiy 

3. Social change 

4. Warning device 

5. Strenghtens bonds 

Functional 6 - Cohen 

6. Deviant acts warn society that things are not working 


  • Recognises the relationship between social structure and crime 
  • Crime does happen in every society
  • Recognises that a crime free society is unrealistic


  • Does not explain hidden crimes such as domestic violence 
  • Left realism believes that it ignores victims 
  • Ignores power and labelling 

Hirshci - Bonds of attachment 

  • He focuses…


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