Creative Writing 3

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  • Created on: 23-03-20 13:31

I stood there in silence; fear dominated my body. Slowly but surely, the fine fog began to invade the metropolis, swirling and slithering through the streets, choking the life out of the helpless residents of London. Thousands of figures around me ran to save their lives- afraid and distressed. The pounding of their shoes resonated with a clanging echo that matched my heart throbbing inside my chest with the thick fear and grief I felt. Somewhere, up high, the star twinkled, and the moon shone brightly, but they were obscured by the ethereal veil of mist. The clouds above me oozed and billowed across the lamps of the sky, casting the city into a shadowy darkness.A jagged bolt of lightning ripped the sky in half and I gradually began to run, wincing as each icy droplet pierced into my skin. The violent winds whipped my hair around my face;my tears mixed with rain as a numbing coldness gripped my heart. Thunder rolled across the sky. It reverberated around the landscape, eerily echoing as I sought comfort. My eyes glimmered with watery tears as I felt as if the whole world was about to crumble.

Rushing hurriedly, the wind hissed and beat at the windows of the…


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