Creative writing 1

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She stood there in silence; there was no where to go. The clouds above her oozed and billowed across the resting sun, casting the city into a shadowy darkness. It surrounded the atmosphere like an immense group of thieves, trying to rob their most precious jewel. A jagged bolt of lightning ripped the sky in half and she began to run, wincing as each icy raindrop pierced her skin. The violent wind whipped the black hair around her face and tears mixed with rain as a numbing coldness gripped her heart. Thunder rolled across the sky, seeming to crack the world in half and reveal the fury of the gods. It reverberated around the landscape, eerily echoing as the girl desperately searched for shelter.

As she continued to sprint, a mystical silhouette appeared in the distance. It was a house; a very strange house. It sat amongst trees-that were dead-standing over a yard overgrown with weeds. Rain cascaded down the roof, etching into the ground like bullets. The aggressive winds forced the shutters to swing from side to side. Light was emitting out of a smashed window. Dark clouds hovered above the house, acting as its umbrella. Lightning roared in the sky...she was afraid. There was only one question repeatedly flashing in her head: was she going to survive? With fear, she approached closer to the mysterious house.

The creaked door opened as she stepped inside, but was quickly slammed shut by the viscous wind; the noise echoed through the hills disturbing some pigeons roosting in the near by trees. Blood dripped down the walls. In fear,she screamed.The entrance hall was roomy, airy and eerie. An uneasy breeze


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