Creation of the FRG, 1945-49


Creation of FRG, 1945-49

  • July 1945 -Potsdam Conference (USA, GB, FR, USSR) to plan German reconstruction.
  • Germany split into 4 zone (one for each of the allies)
  • Berlin was also divided into 4 zones.
  • East and West zones didn't trust eachother - affected Germanys development.
  • Potsdam Conference focused on disarming and demilitarising the country, decentralising it and de-nazifying it.

Setting Up Political Parties

  • 11 June 1945 - KPD set up.
  • KPD aims: German socialism NOT capitalism, land reform, new education system and democratic govt.
  • 15 June - SPD formed.
  • SPD Aims: Nationalisation of banks, social welfare systems.
  • Centre Party failed to re-establish itself.
  • CDU and CSU set up (church-based groups)
  • Aims: Social support for the poor.
  • Liberal Democratic Party
  • 1947 - Liberal groups formed FDP
  • 1949 - Faith based groups (except CSU) all joined CDU.

The Basic Law

  • Announced 23 May 1949 by Parliamentary Council
  • Promised: Equal rights to German citizens; Free speech, Freedom to form unions, Free assembly and No censorship; State education for all


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