Creation of Chartism


The Creation of Chartism 

Causes of the movement: 

  • The Irish Coercion Act 1833- Gave Lord Lieutennant or Ireland sweeping powers to repress any public meetings and arrest anyone, very provocative. Radicals worried the same might happen in Britain 
  • The Whigs and Trade Unions- repeal of the combination acts in 1824 led to rise of Trade Unions, Owens established the GNTCU in 1834, however the Whig government destroyed it in 6 months. Intensified hatred for the government 
  • War of the Unstamped 1831-1836- 1831 Henry Hetherington established Poor Mans Guardian, within two years sold 220,000 copies, gov tried to stop it but failed, by 1836 abolished tax on newspapers altogether. Success encouraged radicals 
  • Factory Act 1833- Limited factory owners to not employing children under 9 and limiting working day to 12 hours, child workers had to be given education. Encouraged the Chartist movement 
  • Poor Law Amendment Act 1834- meant that what little relief there


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