Craik and Tulving (1975)

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Craik and Tulving (1975)

Supporting study for the Level of Processing Model (Craik and Lockhart)

Aim - They wanted to see if the durability of a trace was affected by the depth of processing.

To see whether material that was more deeply processed would be recalled better.


  • 24 participants
  • repeated measures
  • Lab experiment
  • 60 words presented on a tachistoscope
  • Asked one of three questions, that required a yes or no answer, about the word that required structural, phonetic or semantic processing e.g.
  • Structural Q = "Is the word in capital letters or lower case?"
  • Phonetic Q = "Does the word rhyme with......?"
  • Semantic Q = "Does the word fit into this sentence.......?"
  • Then given a list of 180 word in…


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