Parsons: Doscovered that there are two types of roles between couples:

- Instrumental role - SUccess in pid work, provide for the family - this usually partaken by a male.

Expressive role - Primary socialisation of the child, emotional needs of the family also known as the homemaker. Responsible for the housework. Usually partaken by the female of a household.

1) House work has become commercialised.

2) Rise in women working - this means that they can afford commercialised goods such as microwaves.

The commercialisation of house work is more effective with middle class families as they can afford it.

Glass cieling- This the idea that women can't get higher within their career/workforce. That there is a 'cieling' preventing them from getting promoted or earning higher postions.

Willmott and Young - Says that there is a move to a symettical family and that males were helping out more with domestic work and women were getting more paid work. They see this as a 'March of Progress'.

This is critised by Ann Oakley as she says…


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