Costal management and causes and effects of erosion/flooding


Why coasts need to be managed

-protect hight economic value land (e.g residential, tourism, industrial, energy producing ect...)

-high population density

-protecting the environment/biodiversity

Hard engineering

-artificial methods of preventing costal erosion

-useually involve more money, machenery, cement and labour than soft engineering

Sea walls

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Concrete walls built at the foot of a clitt or the top of a beach to prevent erosion. They are ofter corved to reflect energy back to sea.


  • effective at stopping erosion
  • useulally have promenades so people can walk along them


  • sea walls can be broken down and eroded
  • expensine (roughly £2,000 per metre)

Rock armour (rip-rap)

Large boulders placed at the foot of a cliff or the top of a beach. They force waves to break and absorb the energy from them


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