Corelli's 'Trio Sonata in D' Features

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What features of Corelli's 'Trio Sonata in D' illustrate that this piece was composed in the Baroque Era?


  • Clear Binary form with 2 contrasting, repeated sections (A bars 1-19, B bar 20-end)
  • Last movement of a 4 movement Sonata da Chiesa
  • Gigue influences - use of 6/8 time signature gives strong dotted crotchet pulse, allegro tempo
  • Fugal influences - use of 'subject' (bar 1 vln 1) and 'real answer' (bar 3 vln 2)
  • Use of Tonality to emphasize Binary structure (modulations to dominant in A section and more modulations in B)


  • Mixture of triadic (first beat bar 1), disjunct (bar 42 vln 1) and conjunct (bar 28-31 vln 1)
  • Use of sequences (bar 28-31 vln  1) <-- descending sequence
  • Fugal influences and consequently imitative.


  • Diatonic and functional
  • Functional harmony


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