Coordination and Control

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2.1 Responding to Change

  • The Nervous System allows humans to react to their surroundings and coordinates behavior.
  • Receptors detect external stimuli
  • Electrical impulses pass to the brain along neurons
  • The brain coordinates responses.
  • The receptors are found in sense organs, the eye, ears, nose, tongue and skin.

2.2 Reflex Actions

  • Reflex Actions are rapid, automatic responses to a stimulus.
  • Reflexes protect us from damage eg. Moving a finger away from a burning plate.
  • At the Junction between two neurons is a synapse. Chemicals transmit the impulse across the gap.

2.3 Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle

  • The menstrual cycle takes 28 days, with ovulation about 14 days into the cycle.
  • The cycle is controlled by


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