Cooking methods

Cooking methods

Catering revision

There are various ways in which to cook food. Different methods are more appropiate than others.

  • Boiling means cooking food in a pan which has boiling liquid in it, usually water.
  • Foods like vegetables, pasta and rice are often boiled.
  • Boiling is good and popular because it is quick and simple.
  • It is one of the healthier ways to cook food because there is no added fat.
  • Boiling food makes it softer however over boiling food can result in the food being too soft.
  • When boiling vegetables they can loose vitamins (C and B).


  • Simmering is similar to boiling however it is more gentle and slower. 
  • The liquid uses isn't heated to its boiling point, just slightly lower.
  • Unlike boiling, simmering prevents nutrients from being lost.
  • Foods like soups and stews are often simmered.


  • Poaching is a very genltle and slow way of cooking food. This is becasue the liquid is below it's boiling point.
  • Usually delicate foods are poached such as eggs and fish.
  • If foods like this were boiled they would break apart because it is too hot and too quick.


  • When stewing food it is cooked very slowly, usually over a number of hours. It is cooked in its own juices or a stock.
  • Tough meat is often stewed such as beef. 
  • By stewing food…




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