Controlling internal conditions

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We control our internal body conditions by homeostasis.

Removing waste products:

All the time, no matter what your doing your cells are working and constantly producing waste products as a result of the reactions taking place. The more extreme conditions you put yourself in, the more waste products your cell will make. 

There are 2 main poisonous waste products which would cause major problems for you body if the levels built up. Carbon dioxide and urea. 

Carbon dioxide:

This is produced during cellular respiration. Every cell in your body respires and therefore produces carbon dioxide. It is vital that this poisonous gas is removed because if your cells have it dissolved in their cytoplasm, it would affect the pH and stop your enzymes from working as well as they should. The dissolved carbon dioxide creates an acidic solution. 

We get rid of it by breathing out. We breath in about 0.04% carbon




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