Controlling People's Lives in Nazi Germany

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Controlling People's Lives in Nazi Germany

Examples of groups who were non-conformist

1) Non-Conformists

The largest group of people who opposed the Nazis were non-conformists. They didn't plot to overthrow the regime but they resented the Nazis for trying to control their lives and made a point of not following Nazi ideals. For example, they would fail to turn up to Nazi meeting or make the 'Heil Hitler" salute or deliberately annoy the Nazis. An example is the Swing Movement who listened to forbidden music like jazz.

2) Single Issues

Some people protested about particular issues. For example, teachers and parents in Oldenburg refused to remove crucifixes in classrooms and eventually the Nazi backed down. Some Christians protested against the Nazi euthansia programme which murdered handicapped children so the Nazi continued it in secret.


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