Controlling Blood Glucose

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Controlling Blood Glucose

  • Eating foods containing carbohydrates puts glucose into the blood from the gut.
  • The normal metabolism of cells removes glucose from the blood.
  • Vigorous exercise removes much more glucose from the blood.
  • Excess glucose can be stored as glycogen in the liver and in the muscles.
  • The level of glucose in the blood must be kept steady. Changes are monitored and controlled by the pancreas, uaing the hormones insulin and glucagon, in a negative feedback cycle.
  • When blood glucose levels are too high, the pancreas secretes insulin. Glucose moves from the blood to liver and muscle cells, where insulin makes the liver turn glucose into glycogen.
  • If blood glucose is too low, the pancreas releases glucagon, which turns glycogen into glucose in the liver, releasing glucose into the blood.


  • Type 1 Diabetes is…


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