Control of Heart Rate

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Much of the sensory information that our brain processes comes from receptors within our own body. This process is continuous, and allows the body to optimise the conditions for organ function in response to any changes in those conditions

The Autonomic nervous system

Autonomic means self governing. It controls the involuntary activities of internal muscles and glands. It has two divisions

  • Sympathetic nervous system. This is described as the fight or flight system, and prepares your body for action by stimulating effectors, such as adrenal glands to produce more adreneline for nore intense action. It helps us respond to stressful situations by heightening our awareness and readiness
  • Parasympathetic nervous system. This part of the autonomic nervous system inhibits effectors and slows down activity. It acts to counter the Sympathetic nervous system, bringing back a state of normailty to the body, helping conserve…


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