Control of the mass media in Soviet Russia

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Control of mass media

  • Newspapers
    • 1917-decree which banned all non-socialist papers
    • Printing press nationalised
    • 1920s-all non-bolshevik papers banned
    • Gavalit (censorship office) had to approve every article written
    • Papers were cheap to ensure a high readership
    • Pravada (Truth) was the party's newspaper-circulation of 10.7 million in 1983
    • Only contained possitve attitudes of the bolsheviks 
    • Reported socialist achievements, meeting/exceeding targets of economic plans, sucessful expeditions and triumph of technology
    • Prohibited accidents or natural disasters from being reported
      • (In Tsarist Russia natural disaster indicated a failing or poor leader0
      • Eg. the chernobyl incident failed to be reported even after other countries picking up on


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