Contrasting Regions

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The Uk is said to have a North, South divide in terms of economy.


  • South is historically richer
  • London is in the south so attracts more tourists and businesses
  • Contains major shipping ports in south - Dover, Plymouth, Portsmouth - good trade in Europe
  • South is flatter - better for farming and building on
  • Major transport routes in the south
  • Infrastructure is better in south
  • North is colder and wetter

The North used to be heavily industrialised but has decreased because many factories have moved abroad.

The South has an economy based on tertiary and quarternay sectors.

The North East relies on more secondary industry employment and public services whereas South East has more private industry in areas such as finance, scientific research and IT.

North East England:

  • Lowest income region with average household income of £26,000 per year
  • Englands most deprived region - high unemployment, poor health, overcrowded…


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