Contraception and Abortion

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In modern society, contraception is widely available. It is one way in which women can be more independent and lead working livees.

What the Catholic Church thinks about contraception

The Catholic Church doesn't believe in contraception. The Church believes that sex should only happen within a marriage and that marriage should be life-giving. Love-making should always include the possibility of new life. New life is sacred and one of the gifts of marriage is reproduction. 


The Church doesn't believe in any contraception which puts up a barrier to new life e.g. using a condom creates a physical barrier that prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. Using the morning after pill is also wrong because stops an already fertilised egg from sticking to the womb i.e. it is killing new life.

The Catholic Church is also concerned that contraception can lead to more casual sex which can be hurtful if no love is present.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH PROMOTES NATURAL CONTRACEPTION (methods given by God to help a couple plan their family e.g. agreeing not to make love; making love at a time when the woman can't conceive.

It is a…


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