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Male condom: tube made of thin rubber with one end covered,fitted to errect penis. Prevents the sperm entering the ******. Helps protect against STD's and AIDS. 98% reliable. Cheap and widely avaialble.

Female condom:a tube made of thin soft material closed at one end,which forms a lining to the ******. Prevents sperm meeting egg. Also helps protect against AIDS and STD's. 95% reliable but expensive to buy and difficult to insert.

Combined pill:contains two hormones which stop ovulation (stop the ovaries from producing eggs.) Aslong as took properly almost 100% realiable.Can have side affects

Mini pill:contains one



love the revison notes proper helps you aswell thanks for making this

Tilya kibble

glad it helped ;)

Ashleigh Johncock

this is rubbish

Tilya kibble

sssshhhhh :(

Jenna Moore

this is a load of **** i agree with Ashliegh Johncock.


I thought it was really good and has a clear layout. 5/5

Alex Croston

really helped thanks :P

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