Continuity of Cells - Practical Work

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  • Crossing over results in the homologous chromosomes becoming twisted or bowed - if you see paired chromosomes in a range of strange shapes or twists, it is likely to be a photo of late prophase 1 (or metaphase 1) or meiosis
  • Anaphase 1 of meiosis will show chromosomes, each consisting of two chromatids. As the chromosomes are pulled by their centromeres towards the poles of the cell, the centromere region can be seen leading with 4 chromatid tails being pulled behind. Anaphase 2 of meiosis will show only 2 tails being pulled behind the centromere
  • If identifying a particular stage of meiosis in an exam, from either a photo or a diagram, make sure to identify the division (1 or 2) as well as the stage

Preparing root tip squashes of mitosis

Growth in plants takes place in very specific regions or meristems. As shoot and root…


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