Continuity Hypothesis Case Study: The Love Quiz (Hazan and Shaver)

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Hazan and Shaver set out to answer the question of whether our adult relationships are directly related to our attachment type as a child. To collect their data they placed a ‘Love Quiz’ in the ‘Rocky Mountain News’, a local newspaper in North America.

This ‘Love Quiz’ asked people to write into the paper with regards to 2 things:

·      The first was which of 3 descriptions best fitted their feelings/experiences about romantic relationships. This allowed Hazan and Shaver to deduce their current attachment type with regards to romantic relationships.

·      The second asked them to write down a simple adjective list describing the relationship they experienced with their parents.

2 samples were tested, the first included 215 men and 415 women (all aged between 14 and 82). All the participants were chosen randomly from the responses received by the newspaper. The second group consisted of 108 students…


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