Continuity and Change in Anglo-Norman England

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Evidence for Continuity in England;

William I's Coronation. Similar to Ed. the Confessor's.

Preservation of Ed. the Confessor's laws.

Use of Shires + hundreds to divide up England.

Use of hundred + shire courts, for justice in provinces.

Royal Mints- make coinage. William I + II added to these. 

Use of fyrd. Call upon local peasants + farmers to fight.

Chancery/writing office. Chancellors. Administration.

Use of writs- documents from the King to inform public of certain changes, e.g to landholding.

Sheriffs remained responsible for justice + collection of taxes in local area. 

Use of Danegeld. Tax that used to be levied when the Danes invaded. So they could paid off. Levied on whole country.

Evidence for Change in England;

Old A-S earldoms were demolished. Divided up into smaller eardoms. E.g Herefordshire; ruled by fitz Osbern. Kent; by Odo of Bayeux. Cornwall by Robert of Mortain.

Crown wearings. William…




Great information with specific examples! 



The extent of change caused by the Norman Conquest is a very common question on medieval papers. This resource gives some excellent starting points for a debate on this.




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