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The Early Modern World

  • Toponomy (how we name things)
  • Early modern period roughly from the middle of the 1400s to 1600s
  • Demarcated (boundaries) by the invention of the printing press in 1440-50 and the discovery of America by Columbus (1492)

Characterised by key aspects of Europe ;

-Technological innovation

- Revolution in the Catholic Church and emergence of Protestantism - publication of King James IBible

- Flowering of intellectual activity and study of classical literature from Ancient Greece and Rome (Renaissance = rebirth)

View of the World

  • Earth at the middle of the universe, and Universe designed for humanity
  • God as omnipotent and infalliable who could intervene 
  • Great Chain of Being - everything ordered by God's design
  • Astrology was a prominent branch of science in the period - almanacus frequently published with horoscopes

Genesis 1:1, King James Bible

Shape of the Universe - Earth was the centre. Doesn't mention the rest. Earth was most important. Lack of knowledge of the rest of the Universe. Moon and sun discussed through human perception.

Role of God and God as a thing


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