Contempory Virtue Ethics

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  • His work 'The history of Ethics'
  • Claimed Kant, Bentham and Kierkegaard have been found wanting ; hence leaving us in a state of moral anarchy
  • As a result of this he advocated a returm to virtues


  • Society no longer has moral truths and considers any opinion as good as another
  • We make our decisions based on our emotions

Boo-Hooray theory:

  • Emotivism is the Boo-Hooray theory, a person may say boo to racisim because it makes them feel sad, and hooray to tolerance because it makes them feel happy.
  • There is no logical reason for their statements

Meaning and purpose:

  • He wants us to return to a community based ethic, where we develop a morality that will benefit us all

Which virtues


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