Consuming resources

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Resources= things in the natural world that are of use to use and we have the technology and willingness to use

Classifying resources:

Physical- natural resources found at or beneath the earths surface eg. metals

Energy- resources used specifically for heat

Mineral- minerals normally quarried or mined form the ground in raw form and then heated and purified to become useful materials eg.oil

Biological- anything living eg. cows, trees.

Renewable= resources that can be used again and again and will not run out (infinite)

Non-renewable= resources that will run out (finite)

Traditional fuels= resources whcih have always traditionally been used as a fuel source eg.wood, animal dung

The importance of oil:

  • For fuel
  • For agriculture
  • For manufactering
  • For tarmac
  • For clothing
  • For cosmetics
  • For heating
  • For pharmiceutical products

Thomas Malthus:

Born in 1766, he was an economist who lived in England. He said that population would grow expodentially (1,2,4,8) whereas food production would grow arithmetically (1,2,3,4). Therefore, one day population growth will outstrip food suply causing positive checks such as; war, famine, death. This is unless there are preventation checks on food and population before hand such as; limitting population growth or food rationing.(

Ester Boserup:

Born in 1910, she was an economist who lived in Denmark. She said that population will determin food supply. When food…


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