Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer behaviour includes how consumers make a decision on whether to buy or not, and how they consume and dispose of the product.

When a compnay knows this, they can adapt the marketing mix in order to meet the needs of the consumers.

Consumer Decision Making Process:

Need recongnition- The difference between what you want and what you've got.

This can be affected by internal stimuli e.g. feelings towards something, and external stimuli e.g. role models. Marketers will often use advertsing to create an imbalance between present and preffered state.

Infomation search- the consumer uses internal infomation (past experiences, prior knowledge) and external infomation, both marketing and non-marketing based, to make a decision on whether the product will satisfy their preferred state. Marketing based infomation is more likely to be biased.

A consumer will need more infomartion when the purchase is high risk, they have a high level of interest in it, they lack in confidence, they don't know much about the product area and they lack experience


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