Consumer Rights Act 2015

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Consumer Rights Act 2015

The CRA 2015 replaces the Sale of Goods Act, the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations and the Supply of Goods and Services Act. It was passed to simplify the law relating to consumers' rights and help resolve disputes quickly and cheaply.

The Act sets out, in clearer terms, the distinction between a consumer's rights and a trader's rights. For the first time, rights on digital content are included, such as online movies and games, e-books and downloaded music. 

Terms implied into a contract to supply goods

Section 9: satisfactory quality

Every contract for the supply of goods is treated as including a term that the quality of the goods is satisfactory. The test is objective and the quality of the goods must meet the standard that a reasonable person would consider satisfactory.

Determining whether the quality of goods is satisfactory or not must take into account their description, their price (or consideration) and any other relevant circumstances. The quality of the goods includes their state and condition.

The implied term as to quality does not cover any defect brought to the consumer's attention before the contract.

Section 10: fitness for a particular purpose

The contract for the supply of goods is treated as including a term that the goods are reasonably fit for purpose, even if they are not the specific purpose for their supply. 

If the consumer makes it clear to a trader the purpose for which the goods must be fit for that particular purpose. Examples could include hiking boots, outdoor lights, waterproof coats etc.

The implied term does not apply if the consumer does not rely on it, or it would be unreasonable to rely on the opinion of the trader.

Section 11: description of goods

The contract for the supply of goods by description is treated as including a term that the goods…


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