Conservation- Wildlife

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Conservation of wildlife

Biomimetrics- The study of living organisms so that the knowledge gained can be applied to engineering or technical devices. By studying primates we can learn about their social group and structures. We can learn about how species affect one another and can also understand how are survival relies upon the survival of the other species on earth.

Aesthetics and recreation- Species do not live in isolation from each other. The more “nice” the animal is the less likely that it is going to survive. People enjoy seeing the wildlife. It increases the quality of life for the animal. The more aesthetically pleasing animals, they can be put in for attractions such as zoos. It creates economic benefits.

Morals- Most people believe that it is wrong to kill organisms with no real meaning. Whales for example are killed, but they have a higher profile then slugs, so we hear more about them. The moral argument is based on the subjective rather than the objective.  

Ethics- It is difficult to convince someone that they have a right to live then their food source has. Species have


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