Conservation in Situ and Ex situ AS biology OCR Unit 2

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Conservation in Situ: Conserving a species in its normal environment

Atop activities such as hunting, logging and clearing land for development and agriculture
Difficult to pursuade some countries that it's necessary

Conservation Parks:
Possible to stop unacceptable activities by establishing conservation areas
Parks must have adequate area and a full range of diversity

Advantages of designating an area

  • Plants and animals permanently conserved in natural environment
  • Permanently protects biodiversity and representative example of ecosystems
  • protects significant elements of natural and cultural heritage
  • allows management of areas
  • scientific research
  • Possible to restore ecological intergrity of area
  • Provides opptunities for ecologically sustainable land uses - traditional outdoor heritage activities

Why conflict arises

  • protected animals come out of the reserve to raid crops
  • People continue to hunt animals for food
  • Illegal harvestig of timber & plants
  • tourusts feeding animals or leaving litter

Conservation in the UK

  • 14 nhational parks
  • 215 NNRs (national Nature Reserves)
  • over 6000 SSSI (Sights of Specific Scientific Intest)

Rebuilding biodiversity where it's been lost

Conservation Ex Situ: Conserving an endangered species by activities that take place outside its…


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