Conservation AS biology OCR Unit 2

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Human Activities on nature

  • Learned to use the environment to our advantage
  • numbers risen more dramatically and continue to rise
  • using more and more of the earth's respources
  • our activities harm other species - directly or indirectly
  • loss of biodiversity occurs
  • extinction may occur

Extinction: When the last living member of a species dies and the species ceases to exist

Loss of biodivresity
extinction of even 1 species causes a loss of biodiversity
To produce mor food areas of natural vegetation are cleared - which is normally very diverse area - it removes the habitat of different organisms and chances of ectinction becomes higher
Monoculture : a crop of plants of a single species bred ot be very similar - replaced the natural habitat

Human activities reducing biodiversity and causing extinction

  • hunting for food - over harvesting
  • killing for protection - insects that are vectors of disease - or predators
  • Killing competitors of our food - insects 7 fungi
  • Pollution
  • Habitat destruction
  • Inadvertant introduction of new predators and competitors to natural flora and fauna

Why we need to Conserve Species
Economic & ecological reasons

  • provide answers in design…


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