Congruency in Triangles has a specific to answering the question. In the exam they ask you a 3 mark quesiton requiring you to state and show how two triangles are congruent. There are four ways that prove whether a traingles is congruent. You will not need to prove how these work but only show that the triangles fulfill the requirements. They are the following:

SAS - Side Angle Side

SSS - Side Side Side

ASA - Angle Side Angle

RHS - Right-Angle Hypotenuse Side

One proof only works in a certain type of triangle. This proof is RHS and it only works in Right-Angled triangles as the proof suggests. The others work in any type of triangle. 

To show that two triangles are congruent you do not need to select a proof and try and prove it which is trial and error and may not always work and will leave you with frustration. You should not try this unless the question specifically asks you to prove a specific proof or you are quite sure that the proof will work. 

The way to go about proving that two triangles are congurent is to first show all…


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