Conformity o social roles- Key study

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Stanford prison experiment- Zimbardo 1973 


a mock prison was set up, 24 volunteers assigned the role of prisoner or guard. prisoners were unexpectantly arrested at home, givin a uniform and ID number. Prisoners had certain rights- 3 meals. 3 supervised toilet trips and 2 visits per week. Guards were given a uniform, club, whistles, and wore reflective glasses. the sudy was meant to last 2 weeks.


guards become increasingly cruel and abusive towards the prisoners- woke prisoners in the night and forced then to clean toilets with their hands, some become too enthusiastic and wanted to work extra with no pay.p's seemed to forget they were in a study- even when they weren't being watched they conformed to their roles. 5 prisoners were released early because of their extreme reactions (crying rage anxiety). the study was terminated by another student after 6 days because the study did not justify the psychological abuse. 

BBC prison study 2009


15 male p's were divided into 5 groups who were closely matched…


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