Conformity (major influence)

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  • going along with others tro gain their approval or avoid their disapproval.
  • when exposed to actions fo the majority, individuals may engage in social comparison... adjusting what they are saying/doing to fit in with those of other people.
  • Resulting in public compliance.


  • going along with others because you accept their view point and it is consistent with your own.
  • Individuals are encouraged to engage in a validation process when exposed to other views. 

-Motivating factors between the two are a difference... each of these have a particular set of motivating confitions that leads to the conforming response. e.g. if someones goal is to fit in with a group they will be more likely to comply rather than internalise. 

-Two responses both alter in the way that they determine future responses to these situations. compliance would include being monitered by the rest of the group... internalise whenever the…


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