Conflict over a local resource - Rainworth


Conflict over a local resource - Rainworth, UK.

Where is it?

  • Rufford Colliery, near Rainworth, south of Mansfield, north Nottinghamshire - unused brownfield site.

What is proposed it rainworth?

  • Veolia, who provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management service around the UK, wanted to build a waste incinerator and energy recovery facility on the former Rufford Colliery brownfield site in order to effieciently handle the 460,000 tonnes of waste produced annually in the country. 

Why is there a conflict?

  • The proposed building of the incinerator is likely to cover a very large percentage of the rural area surrounding Rainworth and its neighbouring villages such as Clipstone. This in itself has caused a massive amount of conflict on a local scale, angering many stakeholders. Conflicts like this can occur where there is dispute as to who does have or should have authority over a resource, in this case, land.

Attitudes of different groups involved:

  • Veolia - very much for the proposal, pushing for its acceptance by the government. Environmental: Transform residual waste into energy which is then sent to the national grid with the ability to power up to 189,000 homes annually (avoids need to use fossil fuels). Economic: government increased taxes to cover the necessity of ever growing waste disposal but the incinerator will reduce these taxes for people. Veolia already employ over 12,000 people in the UK and the construction of the incinerator would offer even more job prospects.
  • Nottinghamshire County Council - for the proposal as they believe it will bring numerous benefits. The volume of waste sent to landfill in the UK will be significantly reduced by around 70%, allowing them to avoid the associated greenhouse gas production. They also believe Rainworth is the best site to use as most dioxins created by the incinerator would be absorbed by the areas of Sherwood Forest, within 1.5km of the energy recovery unit and the site is also within 600m of the A617 and other major A-roads, keeping heavy traffic off the small roads.
  • Nottinghamire Wildlife Trust - against the incinerator because it is a Site of Scientific Interest with a…


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