Concepts of Biomechanics - Motion

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Linear Motion

  • Straight line/curved progression of an object as a whole
  • Straight - skiing down a hill
  • Curved - skier performing a curved turn down slope

Angular Motion

  • When an object acts as a radius and moves in circular path about a fixed point
  • The lower leg when kicking a football

General Motion

  • Combination of linear and angular
  • Cycling upper body straight


  • Size - Of force, weight product of mass and gravitational force
  • Apply - Where force is applied, slightly off centre of mass, motion will be angular motion
  • Direction - Of the force. If force applied through centre of mass then body will move in same direction as force

Newton's Law of Motion

  • First law - Law of Inertia
    • Body continues in a state of rest unless acted upon by an external force
    • Golf ball will stay on tee until golfer strikes ball with club
    • Athletes remain in blocks until athletes muscles contract to produce force to start race
  • Second Law - Law of Acceleration
    • Acceleration of an object directly proportional to force causing it +…


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