Component 1 - Christianity - Evil And Suffering and The Afterlife


Evil And Suffering:

Christians believe that evil entered the word as a result of Adam and ever given in to the temptation of eating from the forbidden tree. After that, Christians believe that every human was born with a flawed nature - the idea of original sin.

Evil and suffering can be divided into two types:

Moral (human-made) evil - This is when the person is choosing what is morally right and wrong. It's brought out by the suffering of the cruel actions of people.

Natural Evil - This is the kind of suffering that is brought by the world and no one is to blame. Such as natural disasters, floods etc.

Evil can lead people into questioning their religion.

Some people believe since suffering is real, that God cannot be all loving or caring if he is…




I made these notes for myself so i just though why not out it on for people who might need them... they are summarised notes from textbooks :)