Education A* notes


Durkheim- edc passes on society's cult+builds social solidarity- key func prerequisite * wrong- over socialised view

Parsons- bridge fam particularistic- society's universalistic- D- soc in miniature *univ?

Schulz- Human capital-trained=flex labour force- for specialisialised div labour- Good jobs=most qualified

David and moore- role allocation- diff levels of job market TF legit social inequalities failures didn't work hard enough

Bowles and Gintis- no equality in education

New right

Chubb+Moe-Free market-edc run like a private business, Choice, Competition, Standards

Gerwitz and Ball benefits MC


Althusser- edc state apparatus 1.skills 2.ideology- FCC- Armchair

Illich and freire- edc produces hegemony, repressive- conformity rewarded

Bowles and Gintis- long shadow of work, hidden curriculum, legitimising inequalities

Willis- WC Boys WC jobs- counter school culture- influenced Sewell, Evans, Connolly

Class External- MAterial dep, Cultural deprivation, Cultural capital

Sodha and Margo- cultural factors combine to create disengagement from education- cultural barrier of low expectations and low aspirations- parents- scepticism and fatalism-
Parents’ attitudes to education
Douglas most important factor- parental encouragement, i Feinstein and Symons (1999) and Goodman and Greg strue today:high parental interest leading- better exam results. MC parents, - more interest- more frequent visits. more interested- children grow older. want children stay after minimum leaving age. Blackstone and Mortimore fewer parents evenings=work longer hours or put off by the schools middle class atmosphere. Reay points out that MC parents will have the confidence to deal with teachers, whereas the WC may not.
Language use- Bernstein- Restricted code Elaborate code. elaborate code-language used by the teachers, textbooks, and exams.- effective tool for analysing and reasoning and for expressing thoughts clearly and effectively- essential skills in education. Early socialisation MC ‘at home. WC, feel excluded and become less successful. Bernstein recognises that the school- and not just the home- influences children’s achievement. He argues that working class pupils fail not because they are culturally deprived, but because schools fail to teach them how to use the elaborate code.
-Bernstein all the middle class together - Rosen argues that Bernstein gives few examples to back -myth of superiority of middle class speech.- Labov (1973) NY studynet inferior just different
Troyna and Williams (1986) ‘speech hierarchy.  Bernstein puts it, ‘education cannot compensate for society’:
Keddie (1973) Myth and victim blaming- cannot be deprived of own cult. WC fail edc dominated by MC values
Reay- Victim blaming. WC cult seen as inferior
Cassen and Kingdon (2007)  WC underachievement= school factors like labelling and the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Subcultural values- sugarman and hyman- MC value edc deferred great, WC don't value Immediate grat

Cultural  capital- bourdieu

French marxist- Cult school goves MC an advantage- mc habitus in schools. Leech and Campos mc parents house in catchment areas in good schools- can move if not. Robinson- more likely to take kids to museums- edc activities

MC more successful in edc because they possess cult cap to do well.

Bardoli recognises that Cult and material factors are not detached but MC possess more economic, edc and cult capital- makes them do well.


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