competition and abiotic/biotic factors

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habitat-the place where an organism lives

population-all the organisms of one species living in a habitat

community-the populations of different species living in a habitat

abiotic factors-non-living factors of the environment eg temp

biotic factors-living factors of the environment eg food

ecosystem-the interaction of a community of living organisms with the non-living parts of their environment

organisms compete with other species for the same rescources

eg lions and hyenas share the same habitat in africa and compete for food water and territory

in a community species depend on other species for things such as food shelter etc-this is interdependence

a major change in an ecosystem means that there will be large consequences

if all the species and environmental factors in a community are balanced so that population sizes are constant then it is a stable community

abiotic factors: non living factors in an ecosystem

-moisture level

-light intensity


-carbon dioxide level

-wind intensity

-oxygen level

-soil pH+mineral…


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