Compatibilism (soft determinism)

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Some of our actions are determined but we are morally responsible for our actions.

Norman Scartz - Every action is either caused or uncaused

Freedom within a context
Kant - Our own self awareness forces on us the idea that we are free: we cannot rid ourselves of this idea without ceasing to be the originator of our actions .

John Locke - Tabula Rasa: The mind is a blank slate before ideas are imprinted on it by sensory reactions to the external world. What fills your blank slate is determined by nature.

David Hume - to say "one could have done otherwise" is to say that one would have done otherwise had things been different, but things were not different, so the causes which created our actions are identifiable by the sort of person we are. Constant Union of objects:

Events are determined because of a causal link, these lead


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