Comparison of Energy Sources

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When comparing energy resources you should look at: 

Set-Up costs: 

  • Renewable energy resources often need bigger power stations than non-renewable and so the initial cost is higher. Nuclear reactors and hydro-electric are also very expensive to set up and to make safe. 


  • Fossil fuels are reliable energy providers, until the supply of them becomes smaller. 
  • Many renewable energy sources depend on weather and this makes them more unreliable. The exceptions are tidal power - because the tide ALWAYS comes in/out and geothermal energy. 

Environmental Issues

  • If there's a fuel involved, there'll be waste pollution and you'll be using up resources. 
  • If it relies on the weather, it's often got to be in an exposed place and therefore it causes visual pollution - it's unsightly. 
  • Coal, Oil and Gas cause atmospheric pollution. 
  • Most energy resources cause visual pollution. 
  • Nuclear energy produces dangerous nuclear


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